I designed the cover for Shareable's latest publication, Sharing Cities, with the objective of putting everyday people at the center of the narrative of local movement-building, while striking a balance between policy and organizer audiences.

The cut-out illustration was an early and unused iteration of the cover art, drawn in Illustrator and Photoshop.

"How Wise Is A Smart City?" was one of several graphics I created for Enabling City's publication. See in full size here.

The icon sets below were for a City of Guelph report, Shareable, and a yoga practictioner based at Octopus Garden.

The "JMart" logo was created for a videographer's intro, with the animation side being a collaboration between Bijan Shahir and myself.

The globe graphic for Boston Consulting Group (through JA Canada) was drawn with the direction to capture the concepts of 'uniqueness', 'impact', and of course, 'global'.

Finally, this animated illustration is just one of my exploits in animating water effects, and one of my favourite personal works.